What's in a name?

Whenever I am asked something unique about me, I always say that I was named after my twin aunts. However, it's when I tell them my name, they really get thrown through a loop. There aren't a lot of Marion's in the world, but at least enough that you know it's not a made up name. When I introduce myself, it's always followed by a list of references.

See: Maid Marion
Marion the Librarian
Marion G Romney (my favorite reference in Utah)
Marion Cotillard
Marion Lybbert
Marion Donovan (the inventor of disposable diapers)

This becomes especially difficult when restaurants ask for a name to associate my order with. I don't have enough time to give them a person to familiarize them with, so I try especially hard to annunciate, but Im always left picking up food for MARY, MARY-ANN, and MIRIUM.
One day I had a big idea to say my name is "M" to avoid the confusion. can't mix that up right? Wrong. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy, and was like JUST M??? Yes, JUST m. Lot's of people go by M, but it's usually written Em. Either way, pronounced M. I ignored the girl and figured she was just an idiot and waited for my french toast. When my order was up, it sat on the counter with another order than had been ready for a while, but they took a while to come pick it up. When she saw my ticket, instead of just reading what it says, she called out to the cashier, "WHAT IS THIS M????" (With a terrible Utah accent and a look of horror on her face). Apparently, she's an idiot too. During her confusion, the people that the old french toast belonged to snatched up my new warm french toast, and I was stuck with their cold order.

Now I don't know what to tell them. Good thing french toast is bottomless


Bonbons and Soaps

For the next week, I will be the single mom of these 3.
This first morning went great. Everyone woke up on time, had breakfast, brushed everything that needs brushing, remembered their lunches and ran off to school. We'll see if they have this much enthusiasm tomorrow. Until then, I have the next 6 hours to myself to catch up on my stories.




and my favorite,


My Deep Dark Secret

My Screen name was [is] QTGirl164.


A Purse War, On A Global Scale

Exhibit A: My mom leaves her purse in the Pendleton Wendy's, Sunday August 29. About 20 minutes after continuing our journey, we receive a phone call informing us of the incident. After retrieving the missing goods, we were pleased to discover that all items were in place, including a large sum of cash.

Exhibit B: My sister in law leaves her purse at the Spokane Jack in the Box, Sunday September 12. The purse was discovered missing over an hour later. When retrieved, all items were accounted for, including my Ipod.

Exhibit C: A few hours later on that same September Sunday, I left my purse at the Missoula Taco Bell. It was discovered as soon as we got back onto the highway. Once again, all items were still there.

My conclusion: The Pacific Northwest is honest. Also, never travel on a Sunday... or maybe it was because it was Sunday that everyone was feeling especially honest.


Tell us a story!!!!

I went camping a month ago with my nieces ages 7 & 8. After settling into our sleeping bags, they begged, "Mare tell us a story!" "Yeah! One from when you were little!" I couldn't think of one, and I was tired, but they kept probing me and giving me ideas. So I thought and I thought and I told them a dumb story from my childhood. When I was done, they compared it to stories about them and asked for more. Pretty soon, I didn't need too much coaxing, and I just started rattling off stories. After a while, we quit telling stories and went to sleep.
When they woke up in the morning, I was still asleep in the tent, and my brother in law was helping them with breakfast. He asked them how sharing a tent with me was when Lilly replied, "uhh? it was good. But Mare wanted to tell SO many stories! I just wanted to go to bed, but she just wanted to keep telling stories!"

You can't win



I count.

A lot.

When Im walking home, I count my steps. When I drive long distances, I count the miles. When I run, I count the minutes. No seconds. When I'm bored and I want time to pass. I count.



The Format

Looking back on past posts, I've noticed that I have a blogging format. It is as follows....

Funny/ Attention grabbing title

(Possible Related Picture)

Paragraph that makes fun of something that everyone does.

Quick change to real subject of blog, which is to make fun of something else that everyone does.

Closing one liner to tye it all together

(If I only I learned how to structure my papers so well)


Hanging out with pregnant girls makes me think I rule the world

I have about 3 friends in Provo. 2 of which are my sisters in law. They are both pregnant. It's very exciting having these babies coming. That will nearly double my Provo friend count. However, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be spending so much time with them. I think Im tricking my body to think Im pregnant. I eat when they do, what they eat and the same amount. Im to the point where when Im not with them, I still want pickles and ice cream, and very sour sprite sounds good. Let's just say my pants don't fit how they used to. I blame it on the baby weight. I just don't understand why no one runs out to buy me watermelon the second I crave it?

It's 11 pm, and all I want is a turkey sandwich.