Hanging out with pregnant girls makes me think I rule the world

I have about 3 friends in Provo. 2 of which are my sisters in law. They are both pregnant. It's very exciting having these babies coming. That will nearly double my Provo friend count. However, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be spending so much time with them. I think Im tricking my body to think Im pregnant. I eat when they do, what they eat and the same amount. Im to the point where when Im not with them, I still want pickles and ice cream, and very sour sprite sounds good. Let's just say my pants don't fit how they used to. I blame it on the baby weight. I just don't understand why no one runs out to buy me watermelon the second I crave it?

It's 11 pm, and all I want is a turkey sandwich.


Keirra said...

ha, ha...what a good sister in law you are...running to get watermelons

barret said...

I won't get you any of the things you want right when you crave them [candy, candy cane, candy corn or syrup] but I will definitely go WITH you to get them. TB, CocoabeanBurritoLoveCupcakeCafe, etc.

Vickie said...

you're so baby hungry.