A Purse War, On A Global Scale

Exhibit A: My mom leaves her purse in the Pendleton Wendy's, Sunday August 29. About 20 minutes after continuing our journey, we receive a phone call informing us of the incident. After retrieving the missing goods, we were pleased to discover that all items were in place, including a large sum of cash.

Exhibit B: My sister in law leaves her purse at the Spokane Jack in the Box, Sunday September 12. The purse was discovered missing over an hour later. When retrieved, all items were accounted for, including my Ipod.

Exhibit C: A few hours later on that same September Sunday, I left my purse at the Missoula Taco Bell. It was discovered as soon as we got back onto the highway. Once again, all items were still there.

My conclusion: The Pacific Northwest is honest. Also, never travel on a Sunday... or maybe it was because it was Sunday that everyone was feeling especially honest.


Lucy Lybbert said...

I'm not even mad that you told me this story and I just read it again :)!
solution: wear a fanny pack

flexMD said...

or get this..


barret said...

i'd rather hear both sides of the tale.

[i thought i already commented on this, guess not.]

also LOL @ Lexi
[i hate LOL, but not LotsOfLove]