Tell us a story!!!!

I went camping a month ago with my nieces ages 7 & 8. After settling into our sleeping bags, they begged, "Mare tell us a story!" "Yeah! One from when you were little!" I couldn't think of one, and I was tired, but they kept probing me and giving me ideas. So I thought and I thought and I told them a dumb story from my childhood. When I was done, they compared it to stories about them and asked for more. Pretty soon, I didn't need too much coaxing, and I just started rattling off stories. After a while, we quit telling stories and went to sleep.
When they woke up in the morning, I was still asleep in the tent, and my brother in law was helping them with breakfast. He asked them how sharing a tent with me was when Lilly replied, "uhh? it was good. But Mare wanted to tell SO many stories! I just wanted to go to bed, but she just wanted to keep telling stories!"

You can't win


flexMD said...

you can't get even and you can't get outta the game.

barret said...

totes def!
word- flexMD