What's in a name?

Whenever I am asked something unique about me, I always say that I was named after my twin aunts. However, it's when I tell them my name, they really get thrown through a loop. There aren't a lot of Marion's in the world, but at least enough that you know it's not a made up name. When I introduce myself, it's always followed by a list of references.

See: Maid Marion
Marion the Librarian
Marion G Romney (my favorite reference in Utah)
Marion Cotillard
Marion Lybbert
Marion Donovan (the inventor of disposable diapers)

This becomes especially difficult when restaurants ask for a name to associate my order with. I don't have enough time to give them a person to familiarize them with, so I try especially hard to annunciate, but Im always left picking up food for MARY, MARY-ANN, and MIRIUM.
One day I had a big idea to say my name is "M" to avoid the confusion. can't mix that up right? Wrong. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy, and was like JUST M??? Yes, JUST m. Lot's of people go by M, but it's usually written Em. Either way, pronounced M. I ignored the girl and figured she was just an idiot and waited for my french toast. When my order was up, it sat on the counter with another order than had been ready for a while, but they took a while to come pick it up. When she saw my ticket, instead of just reading what it says, she called out to the cashier, "WHAT IS THIS M????" (With a terrible Utah accent and a look of horror on her face). Apparently, she's an idiot too. During her confusion, the people that the old french toast belonged to snatched up my new warm french toast, and I was stuck with their cold order.

Now I don't know what to tell them. Good thing french toast is bottomless


Marianna said...

you tell them "MARE, like a horse"!!! most times the get it. I like to make up names just to mess with people. I love you and you rock!

barret said...

that was a complicated story you had to tell in a blog post, but you did it so clearly. i loved it - even though i was there.

To me you are Mare


Lucy Lybbert said...

good thing we got to sit outside giggle giggle.

Vickie said...

I get called Niki all the time by these incompetent restaurant working fools. FOOLS I tell you.

Also I like the idea of you just being called M. Can I call you M? Of course I can! I just did!

Keirra said...

that never happens to me. keyarrra, mrs. dwyer, mrs. dryer, karen, kara, someone wrote kerrah, (rah, rah for keirra)
so i use the girls names, much easier. At tacobell... "mom why did they call sophia?!"

barret said...

@Kerrah rah rah rah! I LOVE that story about you at tacobell! classic.