Sometimes you cry till you laugh

It's funny that Flex posted this because tonight I made a much needed Mcdonalds run for a good mix of coke, and as I bit into my tear soaked cookie, I thought about how I was literally eating my feelings.


Kjrsten said...

and that just made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Casual Businessman said...

you are what you eat. feelings.

anna said...

lots of my food tastes salty these days too. except for those 12 oatmeal cookies i ate tonight.

flexMD said...

it sucks doesn't it. I decided never to read anything Dano writes whilst enjoying food.

PS glad I'm not alone
PPS If you EVER EVER need a McD's run pal... I'm pregnant call me.
PPPS I wish we could all be together real soon.
PPPPS you're the first related to me person to call me flex and that means we are real friends.. so CALL ME when you need a shoulder, I remember you feeling the same way towards me a month ago.... ;)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

<3 U.

Anonymous said...

i guess you could say she was "in your boat".