Too Much Technology

As a stay at home mom [for the week], I've been watching a lot of TV. (I hear it's part of the job description). Day time TV has a whole new breed of commercials. Everything being advertised is for *cleaning products. What are they trying to say? Are homes with house-wives more clean than those without? Also, what's this business about spin brush technology? Or scrubbing action technology? Every commercial advertises some sort of specialized technology to make their product the best. Doesn't technology refer to Wifi, Apples, fun cookers and CSI? Whatever happened to a little elbow grease to get something clean?

I found myself telling my pseudo-children that they've been on the computer too long, they need to go play outside and get away from technology. No matter what we do, technology just wont leave us alone.

Oh well, at least now we can enhance our exact location. Thanks Google Maps!

*Unless you're on the game show channel. Those commercials are for diabetes and petmeds


anna said...

the secret is out!

Christian said...

This reminds me of that one song by styx. Mr. Roboto because in that song they say "the problems plain to see. To much technology. domo origato mr. roboto" repeated 100 times.

eliza said...

i like the game show network. did you ever get to watch supermarket sweep?