Why does making a face make you stronger?

I was at the gym today, and I was using a machine that was directly across from a guy working on his shoulders. I was forced to watch this guy do his reps, and I couldn't help but wonder, did he just smell something bad? Or does contorting your nose and mouth actually help you lift more? Do I make that face when I lift weights? And how do I take a picture of him with my phone without being too obvious?


There's a dachshund in my bed

Watch closely to how my dog gets into my bed (sorry it's sideways) video



I always love these. Especially when they resemble real words, but aren't quite real.

I often find myself wanting to tell the blogger what my word is.


Comin up on 1 year

As I approach the land mark of being graduated for one year, I realize not a lot has happened in the last year. I blame it on Post College Crisis, or PCC if you will. It is like a midlife crisis, only I don't have the money to go out and buy a harley, or upgrade the twins, so I invested myself in self wallowing.

PCC. No one tells you about it, no one warns you of it. Your whole life you are told to go to school, go to college. Well you finish college, then what? Get a job. Check. Now what, what do you work for? Go to grad school? I learned how to do the bare minimum to pass, I'm not a student. I feel a little bit like I spent my entire life waiting to get out of jail, but now that I am, I'm lost. Can't I just go back to making license plates and belt buckles?

After a year, I've accepted that it's harder to make friends, it's hard to stay motivated, and it's hard to go to church alone. But I do it, so that the next leg of my life can start