Swimming lessons at the Dyer pool

This summer I will be teaching swimming lessons in the mornings beginning July 10 at $40 a session. Each session will be every day for 2 weeks, and classes will be 30 min.

1- Beginning. Learning to hold breath, blow bubbles and float on their back
2- Learning to kick in their tummy, and early crawl stroke
3- Continue crawl stroke and learn beginning back stroke

I have 3 years experience life guarding and teaching swimming lessons at Curtis High school. Feel free to ask about private lessons for more advanced swimmers.

Please email Dye04001@gmail.com if you are interested.


Kjrsten said...

my 3 girls... beginning June 20? one is level 2
2 are level 3.
I am level 42.

flexMD said...


Maggie said...

I gotchur back. Check your shout out.